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Embedding an Application

  1. On your WordPress site, log in and from the WordPress Dashboard, in the left-hand pane, select “Pages”, then “Add New”.
  2. Enter a title for the new page.
  3. In the content editor, add the “shortcode” text: [df4wp-webapp height=999] (including the square brackets).  The “height” entry determines the number of pixels (999) which will be set aside for the application on the page – it is optional, but if not set, the default is 500px.
  4. Optionally, within those square brackets, separated by a space you can add params=”param=value|param=value|param=value, where “param” can be any Web Property of the outer WebApp object (usually oWebpp), with the proviso that boolean values need to use 1 or 0 rather than True or False, so you might have: [df4wp-webapp app=TRUE height=”610″ params=”psTextColor=Blue|psTheme=DF_Windows_Like”]
  5. Another optional setting which can be made in the shortcode is “apppath“, which allows you to specify the virtual directory to load the application from (if not specified, the application will be loaded from the default virtual directory you entered on the plugin’s settings page).
  6. If the application includes DataFlex Reports elements then the setting within the shortcode: dfr=TRUE should be used.
  7. Once all that is done, you can use the “Publish” button to save your changes, then the “View Page” link to be taken to the page to see if it then works correctly.  On the page you can subsequently click the “Edit” link to return to editing, where “Update” will then save your changes.
  8. In order to make your page available to others, they will need a means to navigate to it; do this in the WordPress Dashboard by selecting “Appearance” → Menus from the left-hand pane.
  9. In Menus, give your menu a name (“Main” or “Main Menu” are obvious choices) then click “Create Menu”.
  10. Switch to the “Manage Locations” tab and in the “Primary Menu” setting, select the menu you just created and click “Save Changes”.
  11. You can then choose which pages should be added to that menu using the checkboxes which will appear beside them and the “Add to Menu” button, followed by clicking the “Save Menu” button.