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List of Plugin Shortcode Settings

Within the [df4wp_webapp … ] shortcode there are, as mentioned above, a number of optional settings which can be made.  Each takes the form setting=value (value is sometimes in quotes – which kind does not matter).


Embeds a view; the value should be the view object name. If a view is not specified, the entire application will be embedded. The view name should be quoted.


The virtual directory (or path to it on another server – see step 10 in installing the plugin above) to load the web app from. If not present, the plugin’s global setting will be used. The entry should be quoted.


A list of settings for web properties of the web app or view, of the form property=value, separated by pipe (|) characters. The entire list should be quoted.


An integer number of pixels to set the vertical space the app or view will have available – default: 500.


Set to TRUE (case insensitive and in this case not quoted) to include the DataFlex Reports Previewer components.


Set to preload a theme. This does not set the theme for the embedded app or view, it simply loads it in advance of the app or view needing it, saving time. Theme name should be quoted.