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Why Use DataFlex 4 WordPress?

DataFlex 4 WordPress was developed by the creators of DataFlex, Data Access Worldwide, to provide developers with a way to integrate web and mobile business applications in WordPress websites. And, to introduce WordPress developers to the rich, capable DataFlex web and mobile platform for building apps to plug into their websites.

There are literally millions of WordPress sites on the internet today; it is the CMS tool of choice for developers and designers worldwide. Creating a plugin that enables web and mobile business applications to be built and dropped into existing and new WordPress websites means more developer productivity, faster results in less time and at lower cost.

Create and use apps for WordPress without using PHP

If the thought of using PHP to write WordPress apps is unappealing, there’s another way – DataFlex.

DataFlex is an easy to learn language and framework with which you can quickly develop mobile and web applications. Let the DataFlex Studio guide you through the process of creating apps that you can embed in your WordPress site with the Df4WP plugin.

Access more content with DataFlex apps

If you have a website developed using WordPress, there may come a point where you want to incorporate content that isn’t supported or provided by your WordPress theme, e.g., dynamic product information and price lists. Using DataFlex apps, you can make that content and data accessible through your WordPress site.

Is DataFlex the web app development tool you’ve been looking for? Learn more about DataFlex!