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Installing the DF4WP Plugin in WordPress

  1. Download the DF4WP zip file to your machine, and unzip it to an accessible area. This zip file includes two files: dataflex4wordpress.zip which is the plugin, and DF4WPLib.zip which contains the necessary DataFlex files
  2. On your development machine, open your new WordPress site in a browser.
  3. Log in – you should be taken to the WordPress Dashboard page.
  4. On the left pane, select Plugins, then Add New.
  5. On the Add Plugins page click Upload Plugin (at the top).
  6. Click Choose File and navigate to the directory you unzipped the DF4WP zip file to.
  7. Select the dataflex4wordpress.zip file (Note: you do not need to unzip this file – WordPress expects plugins to be in zip-file format).
  8. Click Install Now.
  9. When that completes, click Activate plugin.
  10. A DataFlex option then appears in the left navigation pane (below Settings).
  11. Select that, then enter the virtual directory name in which to install your DataFlex Web App in the Path to DataFlex WebApp form (Note: if the web application is to reside on the same server as WordPress then this need only be set to the local path to it, starting with a “/“, however if it is to be hosted on a different server the entry should be of the form “//serverNameOrIP/path/to/application“, however such a deployment will require enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.
  12. If required, select a DataFlex “Theme” to preload.
  13. Enter a 32 character “Secret” which will be used to secure communications from WordPress to the web application (if you leave it blank a random 32 character string will be generated for you) – you will need this secret to set the psWPSecret property of your web application.
  14. Click Save Changes.